Publicly Solicited Contract
Start Date:
June 4, 2015
Potential End Date:
June 4, 2020
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Lead Agency:
Public Procurement Authority

This is a publicly solicited contract established through an RFP process conducted by a Lead Public Agency. This contract satisfies formal competitive bid requirements of most states. All NPPGov members are urged to seek independent review by their legal counsel to ensure compliance with all state and local requirements.

Products on Contract

  • Pumper
  • Initial attack
  • Aerial
  • Quint
  • Additional options

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“On behalf of the Chartiers Township Volunteer Fire Department I would like to sincerely thank you and your staff for the outstanding job and efforts in the construction of the new fire apparatus for our department. Starting with the sales agent (Brian Kokkila), your in house personnel (Billco Bird ), your construction team leader (Dan Blum ) and everyone involved in the planning, design, engineering, assembly, and construction, the project was a very very successful project. I have been involved with the fire service for over 30 years and have found your company outstanding to work with on a fire apparatus construction project. As our inspection, test drive, pump op's demo, concluded yesterday I walked through the plant and tried to personally thank as many of your production staff as I could meet along the way with a handshake and personnel thanks of a job well done. This is our second Toyne apparatus with have purchased and look forward to keeping a relationship going into the future.”
Jeff Simpson
Chartiers Township Vomunteer Fire Department

Toyne Overview

Toyne builds high quality fire & emergency apparatus tailored to the needs of customers across the nation. Armed with Toyne Tailored features and built in the USA, Toyne fire apparatus is designed to be the ultimate weapon for firefighters. Backed by an unwavering warranty and stall built, piece-by-piece, a Toyne fire truck is constructed to survive the harshest of environments. Reliable, durable and upholding the highest safety standards, a Toyne rescue truck can be counted on to perform no matter the call.

Contact Info

Toyne Customer Service

Bill Bird

Customer Service Contact

[email protected]


Mailing Address

104 Granite Ave
Breda, IA 51436