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Contract #: PS20170


  • Manual and Powered Cots/Stretchers
  • Patient Lift Stair Chair
  • Patient Handling Equipment
  • Pediatric, Backboards, Immobilization, EMS bags and Kits, Emergency Stretchers, Oxygen and Airway Management, Rescue, Ambulance Safety/Defibrillator Mounts
  • All Accessories
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS20220
Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc

Ferrara Fire Apparatus

  • Commercial Pumpers
  • Custom Pumpers
  • Commercial Tankers
  • Custom Tankers
  • Aerial Ladders
  • Aerial Platforms
  • Commercial Rescues
  • Custom Rescues
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS20255
FirstNet Built With AT&T

FirstNetâ„¢ Built With AT&T

  • Highly Reliable Network Coverage
  • First Priority
  • Trusted Security and Resiliency
  • Public Safety Apps
  • Dedicated Support
  • Affordable
Contract #: PN19007
Fisher Tracks, Inc.

Fisher Tracks, Inc

  • Poly Mat 5k: Paved in place, permeable, polurethane base mat system
  • Poly Mat SS 10k: Poly Mat system with a spray-applied wearing course of colored polyurethane
  • Poly Mat ISS 15k: Poly Mat SS with an imperable sealer added prior to application
  • Poly Mat SW 20k: Poly Mat sandwich system consisting of an impermeable sealer
  • Full Pour 25k: Impermeable, full pour, self-leveling polyurethane and rubber granule surface
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS20225
Fouts Bros

Fouts Bros

  • Fire Apparatus
  • Pumpers
  • Tankers
  • Wildland Units
  • Rescues
Contract #: 00000424
FoxFury Lighting Solutions

FoxFury Lighting Solutions

  • Nomad Scene Lighting
  • Head Lamps
  • Right Angle - BT2
  • RUGO - Drone Light Rugo
  • Shield Lights
  • Forensic Lights
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS20025
GearGrid LLC

GearGrid LLC

  • Firefighting Turnout Gear Lockers
  • Fire Station Storage Systems
  • Athletic Team Lockers
  • Athletic Equipment Storage Systems
  • Law Enforcement Storage Systems
  • Tactical Specialty Storage Systems
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS20320
GeoComm Inc.

GeoComm Inc.

  • Dispatch Map
  • GIS Data Hub
  • GeoComm Maintainer
  • GeoComm Submitter
  • GeoComm Resolver
  • GeoComm MSAG Manager
  • GIS Professional Services
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS21025
GermSweep, LLC

GermSweep, LLC.

  • Electrostatic Bacteria Cleaning Services
  • Pre & Posst RLU Testing Capabilities
  • IAQ Monitoring (Real Tme Alerts)
  • HVAC Optomization Consultation
  • Plan & Design Support for Return to Work/School Safely Strategies Consulting
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS18021
GovDeals, Inc.

GovDeals, Inc.

  • Online surplus auction sales for all categories
  • Fire & Police equipment including fire trucks, SUV's, and light trucks
  • Ambulance & Rescue vehicles and equipment
  • Confiscated and/or forfeited personal items and vehicles
  • Firearms, live ammunition, and accessories
  • Industrial equipment and cranes
  • Office equipment, computers, and communication tools
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS20325


  • Mobile eTicketing
  • Ticket Processing
  • Virtual Permits
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR)
  • Towing/Booting Solutions
  • Digital Chalking
  • Curbside Enforcement (Bike Lane & eScooter/eBike)
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS20380


  • Law Enforcement Boots
  • Tactical Boots
  • AR670-1 Compliant Boots
  • SWAT/SRT Boots
  • EMS Boots
  • Station Boots
  • Safety Toe Boots and Shoes
  • Wildland Firefighting Boots
  • Structure Firefighter Boots