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Publicly Solicited
Contract #: 00000171
Curtis – SCBA

Curtis – SCBA

  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and Accessories
  • Facepieces
  • Regulator Systems, Intermediate Pressure Hose, Rapid Intervention Crew/Company Universal Air Connections
  • Cylinders
  • Maintenance, Service, and Testing
  • Other (Gas Detection, Radiation Detection, Breathing Air Compressor Systems)
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: 00000172
Deccan International

Deccan International

  • ADAM: Predictive modeling for data-supported decision-making
  • LiveMUM: Efficient, tested move-ups and situational awareness
  • BARB: Streamlined run-card building, major event pre-planning
  • DIVa: Quick run-order access for dispatch during CAD outages
  • ARI Simulator: Evaluate dispatch policies before going live
Contract #: 00000115
Dental Plans

Dental Plans

  • 15% Off Annual Dental Plan
  • Three Months Free
  • Up to 60% Off Dental Procedures
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: VH11587
Digital Ally

Digital Ally

  • HD Body Worn Cameras
  • Several Digital In-Car Camera Systems
  • Patented Technology - Vulink AUtomatic Recording System
  • Digital Cloud and Local Software
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: VQ10301

Dynamo Industries

  • Rotating Climbers
  • Biggo Swings
  • Frame Nets
  • Mast Nets and Tot Nets
  • Climbing Rocks
  • Nature Play
  • Basketball Systems
  • Creative Concepts and Custom Design
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS18019
E.F. Johnson Company

E.F. Johnson Company

  • KENWOOD Viking® portable, mobile, and control station subscribers
  • Armada® Fleet Mapping radio programming application
  • StarGate® consoles
  • LMR infrastructure--ATLAS® PS25 system with Latitude technology
  • Radio network design, installation, training, and certification
  • Extended warranty and maintenance options
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: VH11550
E.J. Metals

E.J. Metals

  • Brush Trucks
  • Quick-Attack Vehicles
  • Mini-Pumpers
  • Rescue Vehicles
  • Custom Options
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS18006
Emergency Services Consulting International (ESCI)

Emergency Services Consulting International (ESCI)

  • Strategic Planning and Long-Range Master Planning
  • Feasibility Studies for Cooperative Efforts
  • ISO Benchmarking/Pre-Evaluation Studies
  • Executive Recruitment for Fire Chief, Police Chief, and Other Public Safety professionals
  • Selection Testing for Entry-level Firefighter and Police Officer
  • Promotional Testing/Assessment for Fire and Law Enforcement
  • Physical Abilities Test/CPAT Validation
  • Supervisory and Leadership Training
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: VH11239


  • Manual and Powered Cots/Stretchers
  • Patient Lift Stair Chair
  • Patient Handling Equipment
  • Pediatric, Backboards, Immobilization, EMS bags and Kits, Emergency Stretchers, Oxygen and Airway Management, Rescue, Ambulance Safety/Defibrillator Mounts
  • All Accessories