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Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS17007


  • Full line of hydraulic rescue tools and accessories
  • Full line of cordless rescue tools and accessories
  • USAR/RIT focused products
  • USAR heavy lifting products
  • Full range of lifting bags and accessories
  • Vehicle stabalization products
  • Collapse rescue shoring products
Contract #: 00000165


  • Up to 30% OFF all video-verified security systems
  • No monthly fees or contracts
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS17003
Hyland Software, Inc.

Hyland Software, Inc.

  • CAPTURE: Capture and organize documents regardless of format or location
  • MANAGE: Manage process, documents, and data in one system for seamless flow
  • ACCESS: Makes information anywhere instantly available to those that need it
  • INTEGRATE: Variety of integration methods to give instant access from preferred application
  • MEASURE: Real-time insight into process and completeness of records for auditing purposes
  • STORE: Securely stores, protects, and destroys information as needed
  • SERVICES & SUPPORT: Implementation, installation, configuration, maintenance, and technical support
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS18004
Icom America Inc.

Icom America Inc.

  • Avionic Radios
  • Marine Radios
  • Land Mobile Radios
  • Network
  • Systems
  • Supporting Accessories
  • Optional Services
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS17008
Informer Systems LLC

Informer Systems LLC

Products on Contract


Schedule Express

  • Powerful cloud-based scheduling solution
  • Automation of shift-based schedules
  • Manages schedule requests from initial request through the approval process
  • Helps to ensure compliance by automating and validating policies, procedures, etc
  • Lowers overall operational costs and efficiently manages overtime
  • No charges for upgrades, enhancements, matinenance, implementation, or training
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: VQ10293


  • Lounge and reception area seating
  • Tables
  • Benches
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS18017
J.J. Lane Auctioneers

J.J. Kane Auctioneers

  • Online timed auction services
  • On-site auction services
  • Live streaming auction services
  • Other: Buy It Now
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: VQ10288
John Deere Company Lawn and Landscape Equipment

John Deere Company Lawn and Landscape Equipment

  • Tractors
  • Combines
  • Commercial Mowing Equipment
  • Attachments and Implements
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS18010
John Deere Company Utility Vehicles

John Deere Company Utility Vehicles

  • Traditional Utility Vehicles
  • Compact Utility Vehicles
  • Crossover Utility Vehicles
  • Midsize Utility Vehicles
  • Heavy Utility Vehicles