Airgas Helps You Optimize Your Supply Chain and Save

Airgas Helps You Optimize Your Supply Chain and Save

Governments and Municipalities: Think again if you’re relying on multiple sources to get the most out of procurement.

This post originally appeared on the Airgas company blog. NPPGov has reposted it with permission. You can find the original post here.

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Utilizing multiple vendors for savings and security can prevent you from optimizing your supply chain, while procurement concerns go overlooked. It can also introduce cost and quality variability. Imagine being able to go to one source with deep experience in meeting many of the unique needs of your federal, state or local government agency.

An unparalleled offering

Airgas, an Air Liquide company, sets itself apart from other suppliers in the U.S. by offering a full range of industrial, medical and specialty gases and services:

  • One of the largest U.S. producers and a leading purchaser of bulk atmospheric gases, we offer competitive prices and unparalleled service

  • A leading U.S. supplier of liquid carbon dioxide and dry ice, serving a broad customer base and multiple applications

  • One of the largest U.S. producer of nitrous oxide, we serve industrial customers and government agencies in times of need

  • A leading U.S. supplier of ammonia and process chemicals

Benefit from an all-in-one supplier

Airgas uniquely handles all your commercial gas, welding and safety needs with a team of approximately 18,500 associates that includes engineers, chemists and specialists. We’re more than a supplier. Application expertise, inventory management, multiple supply modes and a complete offering of hardgoods and safety products and PPE gives you a single source supplier for all of your needs. Our 1,400-plus nationwide locations and delivery flexibility diminish storage needs, while our network, flexible delivery modes and offerings provide cost and quality sustainability. Rental and leasing options are available that can make managing your budget a lot easier.

Improve your ability to respond

Local municipalities benefit from the same expertise we offer to government agencies as we provide first responder training to EMS and fire department personnel. We offer training on an array of lifesaving equipment including Airgas Walk-O2-Bout® portable oxygen cylinders. Our AERO—Airgas Emergency Response Organization—team drills community firefighters on incidents involving gases and cylinders. As the industry’s largest hazmat emergency response organization specifically trained to deal with compressed gases, an AERO team will give your first responders greater confidence in dealing with any compressed gas situation they face.

Enjoy built-in efficiencies

We provide a total supply chain solution that can monitor and adjust usage of industrial gas, welding equipment and supplies, safety products and MRO supplies according to your needs to reduce waste. With Airgas eBusiness, electronic inventory tracking, balance and consumption data is combined with record keeping that eliminates paperwork and manual entry errors. Total cost of ownership goes down as your supply chain becomes more efficient, making your agency or municipality more effective.

Be in good company

We’ve proudly served a variety of government agencies, including:

  • DLA – Defense Logistics Agency

  • Department of the Air Force

  • Department of the Army

  • Department of the Navy

  • Department of Energy

  • Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

  • Department of Veterans Affairs

  • United States Coast Guard

  • Bureau of Prisons

  • Environmental Protection Agency

  • Indian Health Service

  • NASA − National Aeronautics and Space Administration

  • National Institutes of Health

  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

  • National Park Service

  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

  • Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

  • National Institute of Standards and Technology — Federal Drug Administration

Through a tighter, more efficient process, Airgas enables government officials at all levels to focus on other areas of procurement and administration. Our supply-chain innovations maximize savings and quality to help you limit risk and remove headaches.


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