Climbing the Procurement Pathway: Taking the Road Less Traveled

The Straight and Narrow Path, Where No Corners Can Be Cut!

November 8, 2:00pm EST

Procurement professionals often can help drive savings or initiate new ideas that can ultimately support their organizational goals. However, part of that process is convincing other decision makers or leaders to allow procurement to move forward toward the next steps. How effective are you in educating your city council, board or other non-procurement leaders on any new idea, such as cooperative procurement? What about the efforts in updating your legislative policies or procurement manual with the latest language?

Discover how to raise your own political and communication acumen by hearing from your peers and industry leaders. Whether it’s using good communication techniques, case studies, current data and knowledge of best practices, there are ways to bring about beneficial changes in your organization. Be that one who can bring it all the way down the path to success!

Guest Panelists: Phillip Ellison, Spring Independent School District, TX; April Pay, Placer County, CA, Jenti Vandertuig, County of Santa Clara, CA and Ed Quedens, City of Mesa, AZ