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Products on Contract

  • Binder Lift - Nylon model. Size Standard (34" - 62" circumference)
  • Binder Lift - Nylon model. Size Bariatric (58" - 82" circumference)
  • Binder Lift - Vinyl model. Size Standard (34" - 62" circumference)
  • Binder Lift - Vinyl model. Size Standard (58" - 82" circumference)
  • Accessories - Leg Strap Extension, Leg Strap Cushion, Repl. Parts

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I use the Binder Lift on nearly every shift now. It's not just for lift assist calls. I bring it in the house with me on nearly any call and use it to help the patient down stairs and leave it on them until they are on the stretcher.
Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire

Binder Lift Overview

Lifting patients is the most injury-prone task a prehospital provider will perform on a typical shift. The Binder Lift changes this by attaching up to 25 handles to the patient's torso, so providers can lift patients easily and safely. It is impossible for crews to effectively team lift with proper ergonomics when following outdated and improvised lifting techniques involving a sheet, blanket, or transfer-tarp. When lifting with the Binder Lift crews can avoid lifting related injuries and have longer healthier careers.

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Rick Binder

855.239.5438 Ext 213

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23 Beacon Dr

Cody, WY 82414