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Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS20260


  • GPS Fleet Mgmnt: Vehicle Health, Safety & Location Monitoring
  • Goose Route Optimization & Dispatching
  • Equipment Management: Location, Theft & Maintenance Monitoring
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS21120


  • Decontamination
  • Restoration
  • Reconstruction
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS20225
Fouts Bros

Fouts Bros

  • Fire Apparatus
  • Pumpers
  • Tankers
  • Wildland Units
  • Rescues
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS20025
GearGrid LLC

GearGrid LLC

  • Firefighting Turnout Gear Lockers
  • Fire Station Storage Systems
  • Athletic Team Lockers
  • Athletic Equipment Storage Systems
  • Law Enforcement Storage Systems
  • Tactical Specialty Storage Systems
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS20320
GeoComm Inc.

GeoComm Inc.

  • Dispatch Map
  • GIS Data Hub
  • GeoComm Maintainer
  • GeoComm Submitter
  • GeoComm Resolver
  • GeoComm MSAG Manager
  • GIS Professional Services
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS21025
GermSweep, LLC

GermSweep, LLC.

  • Electrostatic Bacteria Cleaning Services
  • Pre & Post RLU Testing Capabilities
  • IAQ Monitoring (Real Tme Alerts)
  • HVAC Optomization Consultation
  • Plan & Design Support for Return to Work/School Safely Strategies Consulting
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS20325


  • Mobile eTicketing
  • Ticket Processing
  • Virtual Permits
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR)
  • Towing/Booting Solutions
  • Digital Chalking
  • Curbside Enforcement (Bike Lane & eScooter/eBike)
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS20380


  • Law Enforcement Boots
  • Tactical Boots
  • AR670-1 Compliant Boots
  • SWAT/SRT Boots
  • EMS Boots
  • Station Boots
  • Safety Toe Boots and Shoes
  • Wildland Firefighting Boots
  • Structure Firefighter Boots
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS20230


  • Rescue Pumpers
  • Tanker/Tenders
  • Aerial Ladders & Platforms
  • Rescues
  • Wildland/Brush Trucks
  • Mini Pumpers
  • HazMat Rescues
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS20035


  • Full Line of CORE Hose Hydraulic Rescue Equipment
  • Full Line of CORDLESS Hydraulic Rescue Equipment
  • USAR/RIT Focused Products
  • USAR Heavy Lifting Products
  • Full Range of Lifting Bags and Accessories
  • Vehicle Stabalization Products
  • Collapse Rescue Shoring Products
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS20370
IFCA Assessment & Consulting Services

IFCA Assessment & Consulting Services

  • Assessment Centers - Engineer to Fire Chief
  • Pre-Assessment Workshops
  • Candidate Feedback (Post Assessment Center)
  • Written Examinations
Publicly Solicited
Contract #: PS20330
Informer Systems LLC

Informer Systems LLC

Products on Contract


Schedule Express

  • Award-winning enterprise-class workforce management scheduling solution specifically designed and built for Public Safety Agencies
  • Consistently delivers a 40-60% ROI within 4-6 months
  • Reduces the risks, costs and complexities of scheduling and deploying public safety professionals in cities and counties throughout the United States
  • Trusted by the nation’s leading public safety agencies, has been deployed in nearly every state
  • Its powerful Cognitive Configurator Engine allows agencies to custom configure Schedule Express
  • Manages the vast complexities associated with scheduling details, integration to payroll, and much more