Fleet Complete from FirstNet, Built With AT&T

Fleet Complete from FirstNet, Built With AT&T

Fleet Complete from FirstNet, Built With AT&T

You may know FirstNet, built with AT&T, as the national public safety network that helps law enforcement, firefighters and EMS save lives and protect communities across the U.S. But did you know that FirstNet offers a dedicated library of apps to further help first responders connect on the scene?

Visit the FirstNet App Ecosystem, which features a catalog of mobile solutions, including Fleet Complete, an industry-leading asset tracking technology, AT1, that allows you to follow the exact location of your vehicles and other assets in near real-time on one screen. This enables first responder to effectively manage the logistics behind the movement of assets, as well as inventory.

Locating assets that move from various locations can be challenging during a state of emergency. This can cause significant delays and negatively impact inventory management. Fleet Complete helps you know where your assets are at all times with a tracking technology that is up to the task of an emergency.

Keep track of vehicles. Know how many miles they’ve been driven. Know when the Code 3 Package has been activated. See first-hand details about your assets. For instance, firefighters can log in when an apparatus is pumping and see how many hours have been pumped on. FirstNet understands public safety asset management needs.

“We’re excited about the continued partnership with NPPGov and FirstNet, and for FirstNet Certified™ app providers, such as Fleet Complete, to offer budget-friendly pricing for fully integrated in-vehicle telematics solutions,” said Doug Clark, AT&T AVP. “This is huge for public safety.”

Now NPPGov members can take full advantage of FirstNet, built with AT&T, the network with unprecedented security that ensures first responders connect first. There is no competing with commercial users for a connection. Priority preemption capabilities allow first responders to have bandwidth in an emergency by detouring others off the network.

By using FirstNet Ready™ In-Vehicle Network Solutions like Fleet Complete first responders can utilize fully-integrated fleet management solutions designed for public safety. FirstNet reviews and evaluates every app, so you can trust that each is relevant and highly secure. The FirstNet App Ecosystem makes it easier than ever to find the right mobile solutions to fit your unique needs, putting reliable, practical tools in the hands of those using FirstNet, built with AT&T.

Apps like Fleet Complete make your phone way more than a phone.

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