FirstNet Individual Landing Page

FirstNet Individual Landing Page

Connectivity when you need it.

FirstNet® personal lines of service are available right now for eligible, individual first responders!

A crisis can happen at any time. And you need the ability to connect whether you are on or off duty. That’s why FirstNet is available for qualified first responders on a personal line of service. The FirstNet Subscriber Paid User program is designed to give you the reliability you need when it matters most.

FirstNet users enjoy:

  • Connectivity with First Priority® which provides priority access to the network, especially during an emergency.


  • 24/7/365 customer support and a dedicated security operations center


  • No throttling for FirstNet subscribers anywhere in the U.S.

Get started today!

Complete an online application and eligibility verification process*. Be sure to use association referral code NPPGOV1 (available only through online application). You’ll be able to shop online for devices and FirstNet plans at exclusive discount rates.

See a selection of FirstNet Rate Plans at

Learn more about a special AT&T offer for education.

*To purchase a FirstNet Responder plan as a Subscriber Paid User, you must be a verified current employee of, or active volunteer for, a qualified public safety entity who is providing services or performing functions in the area of law enforcement, fire protection, emergency medical services (including emergency departments at health care facilities), emergency 911 call dispatch, National Guard or emergency management. Your eligibility for FirstNet service will be verified by your public safety entity if it has a FirstNet contract, a Subscriber Paid Foundation Account and active Administrator; if not, through a process begun in an AT&T retail location or You will be subject to periodic re-verification. You must have an AT&T Wireless Customer Agreement and an individual FirstNet account. You will be limited to 3 FirstNet Responder lines of service —1 each of phone, tablet and wearable. If you are not a verified Subscriber Paid User or are in violation of the single line limit for each device, AT&T may suspend, change or terminate your FirstNet service. See for verification and other details.

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