FirstNet Individual Landing Page

FirstNet Individual Landing Page

What is FirstNet?

FirstNet is the national public safety network, helping law enforcement, firefighters and EMS save lives and protect communities across the United States. The FirstNet network will be a reliable, secure broadband network dedicated to public safety. It will be a force-multiplier for first responders, giving the public safety community the 21st-century communication tools it needs to carry out its vital mission.

Available With FirstNet

• Highly Reliable Network Coverage

• First Priority

• Trusted Security and Resiliency

• Public Safety Apps

• Dedicated Support

• Affordable

FirstNet Benefits:

First Priority™

Ensures first responders connect first – you’re always at the front of the line and always on. No competing with commercial users for a connection. Preemption capabilities will allow first responders to have the bandwidth in an emergency by detouring others off the network.

Ready for BAND 14

Congress designated Band 14 for public safety use. This gives first responders dedicated access to highly-desirable 700MHz wireless spectrum that provides good propagation in urban and rural areas and in-building penetration.

Apps Designed For You

A dedicated public safety app catalog offers highly secure and relevant applications for first responders. All apps pass a rigorous vetting process that focuses on meeting superior public safety standards.

Unprecedented Network Security

A physically separate core; dedicated security operations center to monitor and mitigate threats; and single sign-on/federated identity capabilities make it clear that security is a priority for FirstNet. This focus will remain a priority as we build end-to-end encryption.

Dedicated Deployables

FirstNet will design and engineer, build, store, maintain, and deploy new Band 14 Satellite Cells on Light Trucks (SatCOLTs) for service continuity and disaster recovery, to quickly address coverage extension demands triggered by natural or man-made disasters, and for special events planned in advance.

About NPPGov

NPPGov is a Cooperative Purchasing Organization and partner of AT&T. We provide access to FirstNet products and Services through The FirstNet Contract, a competitively bid and publicly awarded contract. Membership in NPPGov is entirely free. There is no obligation to purchase. Public Safety GPO and Law Enforcement GPO are programs of NPPGov with contracts that focus on Fire/Rescue and Law Enforcement members’ needs. NPPGov members have access to a large variety of publicly solicited contracts to simplify purchasing while complying with procurement requirements.

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