Germsweep Press Release

Germsweep Press Release

Germsweep LLC Partners with NPPGov

NPPGov, the leader in public safety cooperative purchasing, is honored to announce that Germsweep LLC has signed an agreement to be a vendor offering restorative and decontamination services.

Germsweep is a bacteria and virus monitoring company whose overall goal is to support return to work and school efforts. Servicing both commercial and residential clients, Germsweep uses a proprietary electrostatic bacteria removal system. Germsweep designed a CDC approved process that includes electrostatic spraying, high-touch surface wiping and both pre- and post-test analysis. Germsweep also provides real-time infectious risk and ventilation performance monitoring services to keep customers aware of ongoing changes within their facilities and residences air quality.

NPPGov members can now access member pricing on their restorative and decontamination services. (including but not limited to):

  • Electrostatic Bacteria Cleaning Services


  • Pre & Post RLU Testing Capabilties


  • IAQ Monitoring (Real Time Alerts)


  • HVAC Optimization Consultation


  • Plan & Design Support for Return to Work/School Safely Strategies Consulting

“Germsweep is a distinguished vendor to add to our evolving portfolio of offerings,” said Bill DeMars, Executive Director of NPPGov. “Our membership base is growing rapidly, and we know Germsweep provides top-notch services that are incredibly attractive to our members.”

NPPGov offers the most extensive selection of public safety agreements for products and services to save departments time and money while getting the products they want. In addition to publicly solicited agreements, NPPGov also offers department members a discount program for individual members from such vendors as AT&T FirstNet, Hewlett-Packard, PODS and more. NPPGov owns all their own agreements and their process is completely RFP-driven, versus price negotiated. This allows organizations to purchase easily by harnessing the buying power of more than 45,000 member organizations.

Membership to NPPGov is free with no purchasing obligations. NPP customer service agents are experts at helping members save money and time during the procurement process. NPPGov members have access to a large variety of publicly solicited contracts to simplify purchasing while complying with procurement requirements.

About NPPGov

NPPGov is a national cooperative procurement organization offering publicly solicited contracts to government entities nationwide. Our contracts are created through a public solicitation by a Lead Public Agency. Access to our cooperative contracts is complimentary with no purchasing obligations.

NPPGov serves Government and Nonprofit organizations. Public Safety GPO and Law Enforcement GPO are programs of NPPGov with contracts that focus on Fire/Rescue and Law Enforcement. All members have access to a broad range of publicly solicited contracts with discounted pricing, as well as individual discount programs. NPPGov provides live contract support five days a week with a dedicated team to assist members through all stages of the procurement process.

Benefits of cooperative contracts:

  • Competitively bid, no additional RFP necessary


  • Saves time and money in the procurement process


  • Live contract support

NPPGov is the government division of National Purchasing Partners (NPP), owned by nonprofit hospitals. A substantial portion of NPPGov proceeds help support medical research and healthcare initiatives.

About Germsweep

Germsweep, a minority-owned and managed company based in Pittsburgh, PA, has designed and delivered the industry’s first total solution for combating infectious risk and other challengers like Covid-19. Germsweep, and its strategic partners, have developed and deployed an analytics-based approach to monitoring real-time indoor air quality and surface cleanliness. Through our 25+ dealer partners, we deliver complete solutions for returning to work, worship and school. The solution includes real-time indoor air quality monitoring, surface-based testing, disinfecting service (electrostatic spray and high-touch wipe-down), and airborne mitigation products from our strategic partners. Germsweep follows CDC, EPA, ASHRE and other advice and guidelines as it designs and delivers solutions.