Law Enforcement GPO

Group purchasing engine for the law enforcement program of NPPGov
About Us

Law Enforcement GPO is a program of NPPGov providing law enforcement agencies access to publicly solicited contracts from vendors who supply goods and services to the law enforcement market. Contracts are created through a public RFP process by a Lead Public Agency that allows member departments to “piggyback” on the contract, eliminating the need to complete their own RFP process. Law Enforcement GPO staff and legal counsel facilitate this process and provide necessary documentation and support.


Access to our cooperative contracts is complimentary with no purchasing obligations. Membership is available to public agencies and organizations contracted to provide law enforcement and related services including emergency communications. Individual officer discounts are also available.

How it works

NPPGov uses a Lead Public Agency to solicit and award contracts through a public Request for Proposal process. “Piggybacking” language is inserted into the RFP and resulting contract, allowing members to utilize these contracts for public procurement purchases.


Access to publicly solicited contracts

No cost to members

No purchasing obligations

Individual discount programs

In-house customer service department