How to Use NPPGov Contracts to Save Time and Money on Public Procurement

How to Use NPPGov Contracts to Save Time and Money on Public Procurement

How to Use NPPGov Contracts to Save Time and Money on Public Procurement

Public procurement is a complex process that government organizations across the country must complete each year. With the amount of planning, sourcing, contracting and purchasing involved, public procurement can require a lot of time, resources and expertise to ensure compliance, transparency, quality and value for money.  

However, public procurement can also be simplified and streamlined by using cooperative purchasing contracts from NPPGov. We are a national cooperative procurement organization that offers a portfolio of competitively solicited contracts for public and nonprofit entities. By using NPPGov contracts, you can save time and money on public procurement in the following ways: 

  • Reduce administrative costs and workload: NPPGov contracts are publicly solicited and competitively awarded by a Lead Public Agency, which means you do not have to conduct your own solicitation process or prepare your own contract documents. You can simply piggyback on an existing contract that meets your needs and complies with your local and state laws. This can save you countless amounts of time, effort and money on advertising, bidding, evaluating, awarding and managing contracts.

  • Access best value pricing and terms: NPPGov contracts are based on the collective purchasing power of thousands of public entities across the country, which enables NPPGov to negotiate lower prices and better terms with reputable vendors. You can benefit from these economies of scale and enjoy discounts, rebates, free shipping, extended warranties and other value-added services that are exclusive to NPPGov members.

  • Choose from a wide range of products and services: NPPGov contracts cover a variety of categories, such as facilities, technology, office supplies, furniture, equipment, vehicles, construction, security, healthcare, education and more. This breadth of contracts makes NPPGov a reliable solution for all kinds of procurement needs, like Law Enforcement and Public Safety.

  • Enhance flexibility and convenience: NPPGov contracts are easy to use and accessible online 24/7. You can register as a member for free and start using the contracts immediately without any minimum purchase or commitment. You can also contact NPPGov’s dedicated customer service team for any questions or assistance.

  • Benefit Medical Research: NPPGov is owned by non-profit hospitals, and a large portion of our proceeds helps support medical research at Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason (BRI) in Seattle, WA. By using our cooperative contracts, you’re helping fund important research that can help those living with autoimmune diseases.

Questions about NPPGov’s cooperative contracts? Email or call 877-329-8847.

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