July is Parks and Recreation Month

July is Parks and Recreation Month

July is Parks and Recreation Month! We hope you have been enjoying the sunny July days and we encourage you to get out and take advantage your local parks and recreation facilities all month long. Discover the perfect summer activity for everyone by seeing what your local facilities offer regarding STEM programs, senior activities, health and wellness opportunities, outdoor education, and more.

Are you looking to purchase playground equipment for your school or local park? NPPGov can help! Our publicly solicited and awarded contracts with the industry’s top vendors can save you time and money with your purchase. Check them out today!

Additional contract categories include:


  • Administrative Services


  • Agriculture, Commercial, and Worksite Equipment


  • Communications and Technology


  • EMS and Medical


  • Facilities


  • Fire Apparatus and Firefighting / Rescue Equipment


  • Law Enforcement Equipment


  • Maintenance, Repair, and Operations


  • Office and School Supplies


  • Safety and Security


  • Vehicles and Related Equipment


  • Individual Discounts

National Playground Contracts:

Regional Playground Contracts:


Additional Playground Contracts Coming Soon!