The Latest FirstNet News

The Latest FirstNet News

FirstNet’s nationwide footprint is expanding with the build out of the coveted Band 14. This is public safety’s dedicated spectrum across statewide radio access networks throughout the country, built by AT&T. The buildout will increase coverage and capacity for first responders in every state and territory, including rural areas. Once implemented, the dedicated FirstNet core network will be the foundation for the delivery of advanced public safety features unique to FirstNet, including:

  • End-to-end encryption: The FirstNet core comes with FIPS 140-2 compliant VPN solutions, radio, transport and network core encryption, and advanced physical logical security protocols to keep all traffic on the network protected.
  • Round the clock security monitoring: The FirstNet core will be monitored at all times by a dedicated Security Operations Center with a dedicated team. Their sole focus will be to monitor the security of the network.
  • Superior reliability and availability: The FirstNet core will help enable the network’s 99.99% end-to-end service availability objective. There will be multiple geographically distributed locations nationwide that house core network elements to enable redundancy and performance.
  • Local control: The FirstNet core will unlock different levels of priority paired with local control interface. This means incident commanders and eligible first responders can boost priority levels to best support specific situational responses.
  • Mission critical functions: The FirstNet core will deliver a range of next-generation public safety capabilities that are currently being developed based upon open standards specific for public safety. Going forward, these will include services such as Mission-Critical Push-to-Talk, enhanced locations-based services and more.

In addition to Band 14, AT&T and FirstNet have partnered to hold Hackathons, events where Application Developers meet and work with First Responders to develop useful tools to be used on FirstNet. AT&T also introduced a program for Application Developers to be vetted by AT&T and FirstNet to build tools for the new FirstNet Application Marketplace.

AT&T head of product management and marketing for the FirstNet App Catalog, said the app store will allow all FirstNet subscribers to access apps that have been tested and certified by the program. The store will distribute and manage all FirstNet apps for subscribers, which will use FirstNet single sign-on to access all apps, devices and FirstNet portals.

NPPGov is proud to be the FirstNet contract. If you have any questions, please contact us or your AT&T rep.