New Contract with Fisher Tracks, Inc.

New Contract with Fisher Tracks, Inc.

We are pleased to announce our new synthetic running track solutions contract with Fisher Tracks, Inc.

Fisher Tracks, Inc. is the “Contractor of Choice” for the construction of synthetic running tracks. Fisher Tracks, Inc. will provide: The industry’s highest quality of workmanship. The most cooperative and knowledgeable people to work with. The most reliable products and dependable service in the industry. Fisher Tracks, Inc. offers polyurethane track systems paper writings exclusively.

Discounted Products and Services

  • Poly Mat 5k: Paved in place, permeable, polurethane base mat system


  • Poly Mat SS 10k: Poly Mat system with spray-applied wearing course of colored polyurethane


  • Poly Mat ISS 15k: Poly Mat SS with an imperable sealer added prior to application


  • Poly Mat 20k: Poly Mat sandwich system consisting of an impermeable sealer


  • Full Pour 25k: Impermeable, full pour, self-serving polyurethane and rubber granule surface

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