New Contracts | Lakeshore, MacGill, NE2C, and Tri-Dim

New Contracts | Lakeshore, MacGill, NE2C, and Tri-Dim

New Negotiated Contracts

NPPGov is working hard to provide your organization with connections to amazing contracts and discounts! Check out the newest products and services available to your team.

Lakeshore Learning Materials offers savings with classroom necessities such as furniture, teaching aids, arts and crafts supplies and more!

Committed to offering discount prices to nurses across the country. Being a school nurse is tough enough – getting the supplies you need should be easy.

Tri-Dim Filter Corporation is a manufacturer for HVAC air filter products and service. Tri-Dim has over 75 local sales representatives spread across the United States that can work with each facility to save time and money!

National Energy Cooperative is a global institutional commodities firm that manages a number of power and gas energy cooperatives. Providing services to industrial, manufacturing, real estate, educational, healthcare, and non-profit sectors.

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