Nonprofit Spotlight: Luke N Lulu’s Island Dog Rescue Page

Since 2015, Luke N Lulu’s Island Dog Rescue has been helping dogs like Hooch and The New Beginning Family. Hooch was hit by a truck pulling a trailer on October 23, 2017. He was found by a couple and taken to a high-kill shelter in Arcadia, FL.

Hooch tested heartworm positive and due to injury, needed to have his front leg amputated. Jen learned about Hooch and made it her mission to get him out before he could be put down.

With the help of a group of donors, Jen was able to rescue him and work with a local veterinary hospital to ensure Hooch received the medical attention he desperately needed. Today, Hooch lives with his foster family and is continuing to recover.

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On New Years Eve, Luke N Lulu’s Island Dog Rescue helped a mother, aunt, and puppies in what they now call, The New Beginning Family. The New Beginning Family was owned by a backyard breeder and housed in outdoor kennels. The mother of the puppies had severe mastitis and was unable to nurse her 3-week old puppies on her own. When Luke N Lulu’s Island Rescue found out, they immediately stepped in to help.

They bottle fed the puppies and took the entire family to the vet. Sofia, the mother, and Pearl, the aunt, had fleas, E-coli, worms, and bite wounds. The puppies were also infested with fleas and worms. After medical attention and some love, The New Beginning Family was on it’s way to healing. They are now safe and warm in their foster homes.

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