A Letter from NPPGov/Public Safety GPO

A Letter from NPPGov/Public Safety GPO

Funny story, I recently spoke with a Fire Chief who seemed confused that I represented NPPGov. He said something like “NPPGov? I thought you merged with another company. Are you still around?”

We want to assure everyone that NPPGov is “still around” and we remain the largest, most responsive provider of cooperative agreements for the entire Public Safety market (EMS, Law Enforcement, Fire and General Government). We haven’t merged or partnered with any other cooperatives.

NPPGov is not only still around, but we have recently added more than 77 new cooperative agreements for our members. Our new agreements include nationally recognized vendors such as AT&T FirstNet, Sprint, Medline, Pierce Fire Trucks, McKesson Medical and ZOLL Medical.

Bill DeMars, Executive Director

NPPGov continues to be owned by non-profit hospitals, as it has since 2001. The proceeds we do not need for our operations help support medical care and research at Benaroya Research Institute, part of Virginia Mason Medical Center.

Along with our commitment to the Public Safety market, NPPGov has also established itself as a solution provider for Government, Non-Profit, K-12 and higher education, with such vendors as AT&T, Sprint, Performance Food Group (Reinhart Foods), K-Log and Scholastica.

I encourage you to explore our publicly solicited and awarded contracts for all of the industries listed above. Better yet, reach out to us and our team will help you find the best solutions for your organization. NPPGov is here to help you.



Bill DeMars