Park Planet Inclusive Playground Designs

Park Planet Inclusive Playground Designs

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Our Inclusive Playground Designs

Everyone benefits from playing together – across ages, genders, nationalities, and abilities. Park Planet is proud to provide inclusive playground designs to communities across the United States, making it possible for all children to interact.

What is an Inclusive Playground?

Inclusive playground design recognizes everyone’s right to participate fully and contribute to meaningful play, reaping the lifelong development of physical and social benefits of diversity. To the greatest extent possible, inclusive design is usable by all people without any need for adaptation..

Our Design Strategy

Park Planet has extensive experience in inclusive playground design, offering universal solutions to accessibility challenges. Selected as the chosen vendor over other design and manufacturer teams on multiple projects, our tried-and-true inclusive strategy is simple: provide children and adults of all abilities with a safe place to have fun.

Project Spotlight: Lemon Grove Park in Ventura, CA

Our client contacted Park Planet with the goal of creating an inclusive playground design featuring wheelchair-accessible equipment that also appealed to able-bodied children. Recognized as an approved vendor, Park Planet worked closely with the district to exceed the expectations.

Bringing their idea to life, our team managed a seamless process – from working directly with the site, collaborating with the design head, and monitoring pricing with the district. Completing Park Planet’s first fully-inclusive design in Southern California, Lemon Grove Park welcomes all children, regardless of their disabilities and abilities, in one universally fun solution.

Project Spotlight: Miracle League of Dubuque, IA

Despite nearly 1,700 disabled children in the Dubuque School District and more than 4,000 youths in the surrounding county, most playgrounds in the area are inaccessible to individuals with disabilities. This left limited opportunities for kids to participate in recreational activities and, in particular, sports leagues.

Our sales representatives worked with the Dubuque School District to create a custom-designed baseball field and all-inclusive playground to serve everyone in their community. Featuring a cushioned baseball field to prevent injuries, a completely flat surface to eliminate barriers for wheelchairs, and inclusive play equipment – this park ensures there’s something for everyone.

Fun for All

Inclusion happens when we break down barriers. Children and adults alike deserve to play with others without being limited to certain types of equipment. Everyone has the right to play, but not everyone has the opportunity to do so in their local park or school. Our inclusive playground designs eliminate boundaries, encouraging personal growth and friendships in your community and beyond.