NPPGov Continues Partnership Agreement with R.S. Hughes

NPPGov Continues Partnership Agreement with R.S. Hughes

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NPPGov Continues Partnership Agreement with R.S. Hughes

NPPGov is proud to continue its partnership agreement with R.S. Hughes.

The organization announced the partnership agreement (contract #PS210754) in a press release in July of 2021.

Since the announcement, NPPGov and R.S. Hughes have driven over $1 million in sales, providing products and services to over 20 different business and organization types.

About R.S. Hughes

Founded in 1954, R.S. Hughes is a North American specialty distributor of industrial and safety supplies. It works with manufacturers to upkeep their stock and operations. It maintains an extensive array of products produced by ISO 9001:2008 registered companies.

R.S. Hughes possesses robust purchasing and warehousing power to ensure an available stock of the product a customer needs when they need it. The company prides itself on its customer service, improving manufacturing processes, and offering a wide range of standard and custom supplies for members across North America.

Through NPPGov, R.S. Hughes has earned over $1 million in sales distributing products and services to business and organization types, such as legislative bodies, sewage treatment facilities, mixed mode transit systems, airport operations, and more.

“R.S. Hughes offers quality products that are certainly in demand by our members,” says Bill DeMars, Executive Director of NPPGov. “They have tailored a program specifically for NPPGov that enables us to leverage their extensive knowledge and abilities gained over so many years in this industry.”

Equipment offered by R.S. Hughes

With its R.S. Hughes partnership, NPPGov members can access member pricing on municipal safety equipment, including but not limited to:

  • Personal Protection

    • PPE, Instrumentation, Confined Space, Fall Protection, Ergonomics, & Clothing


  • Specialist Protection

    • Heat Resistant, Welding, Chemical, & Electrical


  • Facility Safety & Maintenance Equipment

    • Spill Control, Flammable Cabinets, Safety Signage, & Traffic Safety


  • Janitorial Supplies & Equipment

    • Wipers & Facility Marking


  • Compressed Gasses

    • Calibration Gas


  • Gas Delivery & Supply Systems

    • Gas Detectors & Regulators


  • Installation of Gas-Related Systems


  • Others

    • First Aid, Heat Stress, Skin Care, Eyewash Stations, Showers, Controlled Environment, & Lighting

Services offered by R.S. Hughes

R.S. Hughes also offers NPPGov members a range of services to upkeep equipment and operations:

  • Fall Protection

    • Winch<& SRL – Inspection, Annual Bench Testing, Damaged Repairs, & Upgrades.


  • SCBA, or Self-Contained Breathing Apparatuses

    • Inspection, Annual Bench Testing, Damaged Repairs, Firmware Updates, & RMA Issues


  • Gas Monitors

    • Calibrations, Sensor Replacement, Warranty, Damaged Repairs, Firmware Updates, & RMA Issues


  • Level A Suits

    • Pressure Testing, Hole Repair, Shield Replacement & Suit Recertification

    • Services on EVO and Flash Level A Suits

    • Pressure Testing, Patching, Visor Replacement

    • Pass-Thru Install

    • 5-yearrecertification includes replacing: Exhaust Valves, Sleeve Side O-Rings, Glove Side O-Rings, Barrier Gloves, Viton-Butyl Gloves, and Kevlar Outer Gloves

About NPPGov

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