New ZOLL X Series

New ZOLL X Series

New ZOLL X Series Advanced

ZOLL® Medical Corporation recently developed and launched a groundbreaking new X Series® Advanced monitor/defibrillator for emergency care providers and medical clinicians. Remote view capabilities, available only from ZOLL, provides real-time clinical feedback at the emergency scene. Features, such as Real CPR Help® and Real BVM Help® as well as the TBI Dashboard™, allow EMS and fire service professionals to manage patients more effectively than ever before.

Here are a few potentially life-saving features of the new ZOLL X Series Advanced monitor/ defibrillator:

Real CPR Help®

ZOLL devices have provided real-time clinical feedback on CPR for many years, in order to help rescuers deliver high-quality compressions to patients in sudden cardiac arrest. The X Series Advanced monitor/defibrillator goes beyond sudden cardiac arrest to give additional real-time feedback for patients with respiratory distress or traumatic brain injury.

Real BVM Help™

Real BVM Help technology offers feedback in the moment on manual ventilation volume and rate for patients with advanced airways. Emergency care providers can deliver better manual ventilation and reduce hyperventilation by viewing target and delivered tidal volume and rate directly on the X Series Advanced monitor.

TBI Dashboard™

An advanced TBI Dashboard relays trending information that’s most critical to a traumatic brain injury (TBI) patient. The right information at the right time helps emergency care providers detect potential patient deterioration and treat TBI promptly when time is of the essence.

Remote view capability

Clinicians can now view data from remote locations while a patient is being monitored. The remote view technology enables more effective decision support to help EMS providers with telehealth patient care.

“This new technology can help minimize clinician exposure to COVID-19 and prevent patients from entering a hospital setting unnecessarily, where they could be exposed to the virus,” said ZOLL CEO Jonathan A. Rennert. “Remote view capability is also a critical tool for EMS agencies following the ET3 model, where advice from a specialist is required to determine where to transport, as well as for community paramedicine/mobile integrated healthcare (MIH) programs.”

RescueNet® CaseReview

Finally, newly enhanced RescueNet CaseReview technology allows providers to view data from X Series Advanced post-case for more effective quality assurance. Medics can send case files directly to secure systems for performance-focused debriefing.

Real-time clinical feedback

To improve patient outcomes, healthcare providers rely on feedback and data at every step of the rescue. Access to real-time clinical feedback in the moment can take emergency care to the next level and enable EMS and fire rescue to manage multiple disease states. The ZOLL X Series Advanced monitor/defibrillator is the first device of its kind to provide the clinical information providers need to improve outcomes for patients across multiple disease states.

“Our mission is to develop and introduce meaningful technologies that help medical professionals and lay rescuers save more lives,” said Elijah A White, President of ZOLL Resuscitation. “With X Series Advanced, we continue this tradition by introducing proprietary Real BVM Help technology and the TBI Dashboard. And with remote view technology, clinicians can view data from the X Series Advanced from a remote location.”

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