Announcing Informer Systems: Our Newest Contract

We are pleased to announce our new Software Solutions for Government Services contract with Informer Systems LLC, as the result of a recently completed RFP by our Lead Public Agency partner, Public Procurement Authority.

Informer Systems has enthusiastically dedicated itself to the Public Safety industry with its cutting edge cloud-based scheduling solution, ScheduleExpress. Developed in 2002, ScheduleExpress solves the most complex scheduling problems facing public safety agencies.

Some products on contract include:



  • Powerful cloud-based scheduling solution


  • Automation of shift-based schedules


  • Manages schedule requests from intial request through the approval process




  • Helps to ensure compliance by automating and validating policies, procedures, etc


  • Lowers overall operational costs and efficiently manages overtime


  • No charges for upgrades, enhancements, maintenance, implementation, or training

Our contracts have been publicly solicited and awarded by a Lead Public Agency through an RFP process. Your department is able to “piggy-back” on contract, eliminating the need to complete your own RFP process.


Public Safety GPO and Law Enforcement GPO are programs of NPPGov.


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