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Procurement & Fleet: Working Collaboratively Through Cooperative Contracting

November 2017, Government Fleet - Feature   by Tammy Rimes The survey results are in: Procurement professionals in the public sector feel overworked, making it difficult to engage with their customer departments — including fleet.   Onvia, a provider of intelligence in the business-to-­government marketplace, received 668 responses to its 2017 Survey of Government Procurement Professionals.   The results of […]

Announcing Informer Systems: Our Newest Contract

We are pleased to announce our new Software Solutions for Government Services contract with Informer Systems LLC, as the result of a recently completed RFP by our Lead Public Agency partner, Public Procurement Authority. Informer Systems has enthusiastically dedicated itself to the Public Safety industry with its cutting edge cloud-based scheduling solution, ScheduleExpress. Developed in 2002, ScheduleExpress solves the most […]