Our Top 10 Fire Prevention Tips

Our Top 10 Fire Prevention Tips

Our Top 10 Fire Prevention Tips

Observing Fire Prevention Week with NPPGov 2020

October 4th to the 10th is National Fire Prevention Week! Fire Prevention Week started as an observance of the Great Chicago Fire in 1817, which took more than 250 lives and left over 100,000 homeless. The week is a chance to remember the lives lost and an opportunity to educate ourselves and our communities on basic fire prevention.

Since the week of observance has started we would like to take a moment and share some of our favorite tips for fire prevention in the home and office!

Fire Prevention Tips for the Home and Office


  1. Install smoke alarms in every level of your home, especially in bedrooms or outside sleeping areas.

  2. Make sure your alarm works by checking the battery every month. If the alarm isn’t working, make sure to change the batteries.

  3. Talk with your coworkers, family or roommates about a fire escape plan.

  4. Practice your fire escape plan twice a year.

  5. If a fire occurs inside your home or office, get out, stay out and call for help. Do not go back inside for anything or anyone.

  6. Keep your environment clean. Trash such as papers, plastics and woods can fuel fires!

  7. Prevent electrical equipment from overheating by turning off all lights, computers and equipment before calling it a day.

  8. Keep your chemicals stored properly. Read the labels before working with any chemical as a precaution and for proper handling.

  9. Maintain clear paths to all emergency exits by avoiding putting any unnecessary equipment in the way, as well as keeping it clear of cables and debris.

  10. If in an office, make sure you have a list of all the emergency hotlines available. Make sure the list is posted in a public space where team members can easily access. It doesn’t hurt to keep a list of your own fire prevention tips here as well.

Our last tip is to follow the three “P’s”: Prevent, Plan, and Practice. Prevent fires by making smart conscious decisions about our environments. Plan for events in advanced and make sure to discuss the plans with your team or family. Practice makes perfect right? So make sure to practice your plans.

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Stay safe out there.