Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week

Supplying our superheroes

Most of us grow up dreaming of becoming famous athletes, rock stars or world leaders. However, there is another role model we should all look up to: classroom teachers.

Teachers can inspire us and have an impact that lasts a lifetime. So, what can we do to thank those who have done so much for us?

For NPPGov, we can provide savings where they count most, so teachers can keep doing what they need to, inspiring new generations.

As we thought about how important teachers are to all of us (including parents), we decided to reach out to an educator and find out how she is dealing with the current COVID-19 crisis. Below is a short interview with Paige Cowell, a teacher with 3 years of experience working at McKinley Middle School. We gained some insight about how Paige is tackling this unique situation.

It’s been hard for teachers this year with our current crisis, what do you think has been the most difficult hurdle for you as a teacher?

The physical separation from my students. All the sudden I can’t see them every day.

As an art teacher, what has been one of your unique challenges when interacting with your students online?

Mostly access. I have students who did not have access or time. A lot of my students have had to come up with their own art projects because they have no internet access. I’m proud of what they have accomplished on their own.

Parents are looking for new projects to keep kids entertained and involved, what are some resources you would suggest?

The Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) has a wonderful website full of things to do. Several museums are offering virtual tours.

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