Your NPPGov Q3 Newsletter

Your NPPGov Q3 Newsletter

Welcome to your Q3 Newsletter

We have some exciting updates to share with you in this quarter’s newsletter. Our Lead Public Agency partner awarded its latest round of RFPs. FirstNet, available through our AT&T contract, continues to gain momentum as more agencies are subscribing to the FirstNet network to enhance interoperability. AT&T is also building out its 5G network to give users a faster experience. Tammy Rimes, Executive Director of NCPP, recently spoke with Government Procurement about the value of cooperative contracts. And finally, we share with you a Tale of Savings with City of Sacramento and our Nonprofit Spotlight featuring Live Purple.

We enjoy being your trusted cooperative procurement program and hope to continue being your one stop shop for procurement needs.

New Contracts Available Now

Our Lead Public Agency partner, Public Procurement Authority, recently awarded contracts for Utility Vehicles, Public Safety Radio Communications Equipment, Consulting Services for Public Organizations, Park and Playground Equipment, Surface and Amenities, Public Safety Simulation Training Equipment, and Government Auction Services. Some awardees are still in the contracting phase, but those that have recently been completed and are available to you now include:

  • LION (Public Safety Simulation Training Equipment)


  • ESCI (Consulting Services for Public Organizations)


  • TESSCO (Public Safety Radio Communications Equipment)


  • Icom (Public Safety Radio Communications Equipment)


  • FAAC (Public Safety Simulation Training Equipment)



  • The Clearing (Consulting Services for Public Organizations)


  • Harris (Public Safety Radio Communications Equipment)


  • Buell Recreation (Park and Playground Equipment, Surfaces and Amenities)
    • Serving Or, WA, ID, NV only

We look forward to sharing more contracts with you as they become available. Visit our website for the most up-to-date information and new contracts. If you have any questions, please contact us.

NPPGov’s AT&T Contract is The FirstNet Contract

The AT&T FirstNet contract available through NPPGov is The FirstNet Contract. FirstNet, the First Responder Network Authority, is a nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated to public safety and is built with AT&T. The process for NPPGov members to access the FirstNet contract has been streamlined to include statewide pricing. Our Lead Public Agency partner, Public Procurement Authority, approved an amendment that gives members access to custom pricing by state, allowing FirstNet customers to start the onboarding process immediately. Continue reading more here.

Cooperative Contracts Can Help Fill the Gap on Procurement Teams

Tammy Rimes, Executive Director of NCPP, recently spoke with Government Procurement about cooperative contracts picking up the slack in an aging workforce. As more and more government workers retire, more employees feel the strain of smaller teams and higher workloads. With work demands increasing and not enough bodies to help counter it, procurement teams must leverage every tool they can. One of those tools is cooperative contracts. Cooperative contracts have multiple benefits over an entity doing their own bid including saving time, money, resources, and potentially gaining additional savings. To read more from Tammy’s interview, click here.

Arizona Fire Service Leadership Conference

Phoenix, AZ


Fire-Rescue International (FRI)

Dallas, TX



Sacramento, CA


California Fire Chiefs Annual Conference

Sacramento, CA

Tennessee Fire Chiefs Annual Conference

Murfreesboro, TN


Airport Purchasing Group Fly-Buy Event

Nashville, TN


FEMSA Annual Meeting

Austin, TX

Association of Public Safety Communications Officers (APCO)

Las Vegas, NV


National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP)

Nashville, TN


National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA)

Indianapolis, IN